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Technical stills photography for photogrammetry, matte painting and CGI.


I also take photographic assignments for not for profit sector and private clients. 

Commission: Richard Cloudesley's Charity

These photographs were commissioned by Richard Cloudesley’s Charity.

 I was briefed to supply images that illustrate the diversity of Islington’s people and cityscape. The trust had no budget for supporting artists or copyright clearance and needed photos that they could use in the future against new text.

I chose to shoot with a single fast lens to capture a street style in mixed conditions without obtrusive flash or excessive grain. The shallow depth of field makes bystanders unrecognisable and together with the consistent focal length and sympathetic post production gives a unity to the set.

Commission: Richard's Bay Chamber of Commerce

These pictures were taken around Kwazulu Natal for the Richards Bay Chamber of Commerce to begin a copyright-free bank of images that illustrate economic and educational initiatives in the region.

Photo-essay: Not Letting Go

To take a photograph is to participate in another person's mortality - Susan Sontag

In Points of Departure, Thomas Meyer wrote the shocking discovery of mortality is a creative force that drives our innate desire to make. The maker of a roadside shrine is maintaining a connection and Not Letting Go while photographers seize and preserve moments, possessing their imprint. In the age of photography the new social value is the publicity of the private (Barthes). Roadside memorials are contemporary public expressions of grief.

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