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I devise, direct, shoot and edit documentary and promotional films.  I am particularly keen on collaborating with charities and other not for profit organisations, artists and performers.

Charity and not for profit organisations:  Maybe you’d like a film to celebrate your successes, or to encourage more volunteers to join you? Do you need a campaigning film for your supporters to use on social media - or a persuasive piece that makes your case for individual donors to come on board?   Perhaps people will be more confident in approaching you for help once they have watched a film about how it feels to experience or participate in your activities?  Maybe we can, with just a couple of days shooting, make a film for each of these audiences?  If you’ve already got footage – video shot on phones perhaps, and photos of events – we can edit these, add voiceovers, interviews, graphics, new material to build an engaging 30 second or 20 minute film, or whatever you need.  

I have the skills, experience and kit to devise, shoot, and edit your film, including interviewing, adding graphics, preparing the finished product for showing via your website or however you wish to distribute it. I bring broadcast standards and knowledge to my productions but I also know about the challenges and rewards of working with charities.  I want to work in collaboration – so that it is your film, your style, your story.   I can keep costs really low, and importantly, with good planning, keep disruption to a minimum - for your staff and beneficiaries.

Age UK Isle of Wight/NHS 

Age UK Isle of Wight and the NHS commissioned this short film to demonstrate how GPs surgeries can be made 'age-friendly'

Target TB 

Target TB, based in Brighton, UK, works with partner NGOs in Africa and Asia to deliver treatment and prevention programmes.  This 20 minute documentary shows the commitment of fundraisers, volunteers and staff in the UK and Malawi.

Pennyhooks Care Farm

Pennyhooks is a care farm for young people with autism in Wiltshire.  Together we  made two films: a 20 minute documentary and a 5 minute promo.

Don't Smoke With the Kids in the Car
The Buddha Returns

A collector attempts to return an antique buddha to Laos.    25 minute documentary.

Tent to Pole - Aaron Ballard

Short promo to introduce Aaron's plans to walk to the South Pole - a challenge he has set himself after recovery from heroin addiction.

Frances Griffin and Leo Turner
The Kid at the Mill Toy Museum

Lock-down editing

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